What stole green tomatoes from my plants?

I have four tomato plants growing awesomely. Two of them had tomatoes the size of my fist, still green. Today I come home from work and there is only one green tomato left. Humans? Critters? Whatever it was left no residue.
Upon closer examination, I found a half eaten tomato under some strawberry plants…guess I’m going to have to get some chicken coop wire or something. Thanks for the thoughtful answers.

6 thoughts on “What stole green tomatoes from my plants?”

  1. Deer will eat green tomatoes, I have never heard of a rabbit doing it. Groundhogs will get them too. But maybe your neighbors like fried green tomatoes.

  2. xx_pretty_xinx_pinkxx

    There are a number of animals that may have taken your plants. I once caught raccoons stealing my tomatoes! But the most probable culprit would be wild rabbits.

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