What subsities can you get in Pennsylania for using Solar Energy?

I’m thinking of changing my home to solar energy. Does the State of Pennsylvania or the Federal goverment help with the cost.

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  1. The Fed has a tax credit for home owners of 30% to a max of 2000 dollars.
    If you install on a business you can get a full 30% tax credit with no uper limit.

    Both of the above has to be a USDA approved system installed by a lic electrician and approved by your local building inspector (or other branch of local government) and completed by Dec 31 2008.
    Here is a how to size a system and a list of USDA approved systems in kit form

    For other incentives in your area go to this page and click on your state http://www.dsireusa.org/

  2. Subsidy? You mean. The DEP offers grants. You need help getting started or you want to research long term benefits. By contributing to the grid you can make money from the electric company. Slapping a few solar panels on your roof may not get you government funding, honestly. They give their grants to large scale projects as I have read.

  3. some of those subcities are: Cheltenham, Upper Darby,Mt.Lebanon, Bethel Park,York…to name a few !!!!

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