What the hell is "green living" and whys it on my YA site?

3 thoughts on “What the hell is "green living" and whys it on my YA site?”

  1. pratik singdan

    Green living means eco-friendly living where one should think about negative impact on environment by their each and every activities carried out in daily life.

  2. Green Living is a way of living while trying to consume less energy and resources.

    For example, if you hang your clothes to dry in the sun instead of using a dryer – that’s green living.

    If you ride a bicycle to work, or take a train, or use carpool, or…. instead of just driving your car – that’s green living.

    If you make sure that your house is properly sealed and insulated so that you use less energy to heat/cool it – that’s green living.

    if you go shopping with your own bag and use less plastic bags – that’s green living…

    Why is it in YA? because it is very important to reduce our effect on the earth, so that our children and grandchildren will have a decent place to live in.

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