What variables can be used in a science project about solar energy?

I am helping my daughter with her science fair project and she has decided to go with alternative energy. From that she decided she wanted to build a model solar home or car and show how using solar energy would help decrease pollution. Her science teacher has told her to make sure she uses more than one variable..Now we are lost..What variables can be used with this type of project? Any help will be greatly appreciated…

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  1. For solar I’d use:

    # of hours each day of sun (only shine the light so long)
    % of transmission of sun , simulating clouds (use filters)
    Angle of the sun to the panels, this affects efficency, that’s why some are made to move, perpendicular is best
    Timing of use of electricty on non critical use items that could be delayed until sunny (clothes washing, dishwasher…..)
    Difference between using a battery storage system and not. Using a battery will enable use in non-sunny times and store excess electricty as well that might go unused without it

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