What will make the green in my hazel eyes stand out?

I have blonde hair,with a mixture of lighter blonde and dark blonde. My skin is pretty light. My eyes are hazel. My eyes look more green in the sunlight,and sometimes people tell me my eyes look green randomly. But how exactly do I make my eyes look more green?
What color clothing and/or eye makeup can make my hazel eyes look more green?

5 thoughts on “What will make the green in my hazel eyes stand out?”

  1. wear green clothes tht match the colour will make ur eyes stand out
    also some green sparkly eyeshadow will look beautiful with ur skin tone and eyes

  2. wearing green eyeshadow will make them stand out more. also, when you wear green clothes that match your eye color, they stand out a lot more.

  3. Hazel people…… They have such beautiful color of eyes!!!…… LOL i have Hazel 2…….. You don’t need a lot of make up all you really need is white ( light sparkle ) shadow……And black eye liner, and mascara

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