What would be some good things to add to my persuasive essay on solar energy?

Here’s my topic:
Solar energy will (will not) replace petroleum products.

What are some good things that I should say, and what points should I make?

2 thoughts on “What would be some good things to add to my persuasive essay on solar energy?”

  1. With a persuasive essay, you are basically trying to convince someone to agree with your thesis and main arguments as illustrated in your paper.

    So if you are arguing for (pro) solar energy, you should start by listing:
    a. the pros of solar energy
    b. the cons or petrol products.
    c. acknowleding any arguments/points that might discredit or challenge your presented information

    Pros of solar energy: The sun is free! You can harvest large amounts of solar energy without applied physical power (solar panels)
    No waste products.

    Cons of petrol : limited resource, pollutant (global warming theories) shipping, oil spills. etc., operation costs.

    good luck!

  2. Visit some good websites pertaining to Solar.Research the advantages and the disadvantages.Frankly speaking we are running out of Cons.The argument for Solar is getting stronger by the day It will soon be that cost is not an issue anymore.. I won’t tell you what to write.Do your homework and write what you think.Below are a few good sites.

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