What's the point of green living..?

Why the push for green living, green cars, green jobs, etc?

What do people think or believe will happen to us or the earth if we don’t "green up?"

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  1. politicallyincorrect

    Economic and political control gained through fear and deception. Global warming has been proven a farse over and over. Its dead. Hundreds of prominents scientists from prestigious universities all over the world have refuted it and shown it is based on junk science and deceptions. Lets quit wasting time and money on this nonsense.

    I’m not against treating our resources with responsibility and care, I’m just against lies and "the sky will fall if you don’t do what I say and send your money my way" criminals.

  2. Why the push for green living, green cars, green jobs, etc?
    More government control. They’re looking for as many excuses as possible to control our lives. Every area where they get involved we lose our freedom and they gain more control. Hence all the green laws.

    What do people think or believe will happen to us or the earth if we don’t "green up?"
    Just look at the whole global warming propaganda. Apparently the Earth’s temperature ISN’T supposed to change.

    ** EDIT **
    I don’t have anything against doing green things, it’s just when I’m nagged by these liberal environmentalists that pisses me off.

  3. Morpheus New-Age Rainbow Warrior

    some people can hear the thin ice cracking, and are trying to warn others about it… and yet those who have been brainwashed by the oil companies reverse propaganda still wants to have you look the other way. If we green up now we might not have the polar ice melt in a few years, and the coastal cities will not flood.

    If you cannot see it, then ask your children how they feel about getting a world without birds, or fish, or most of the wild animals.



  4. Ultimately it’s about self-interest. If we don’t "green up", the long-term costs will be much larger than if we just took some corrective action today. For example, if we have very poor air, then we’ll all have to start wearing gas masks. Of course, we could plant more trees, but the reversal of such global changes will take decades. Some environmental catastrophes are essential irreversible. One example is Chernobyl. Of course, not all catastrophes will be about radiation. It may be simply changes in weather patterns that drastically affects world food supply. We would adapt over time, but not before millions of us die. While those of us in richer countries do not normally experience such conditions, a problem on a global scale will bring such disasters to the West, because we are ever more interconnected.

    Not all disasters will also be about chemistry and physics, which are relatively easy problems to solve (but much much harder than putting three people on the moon). The real challenge is the biology. Biological systems are hard to control, predict, model, and emulate. We have a lot to learn from Mother Nature. We may be accidentally killing off potentially useful species through our ignorance. Can you imagine what the world might be like, if we didn’t have penicillin?

    In short, the Earth was a place that was conducive for the development of the human species, so veering away too much from our current state (without adequate modeling and studies) is going to almost certainly be bad for us. We shouldn’t shy away from "progress". We just need to understand what we’re doing, and make sure we’re not dropping the Sword of Damocles(sp?) on our proverbial head.


  5. The point is to leave a little for the next generations, ‘cuz, you know, there may be human civilization on Earth 500 years from now.

    How vain it is of those alive today to believe they should burn off all the Earth’s easy energy within 200 years!

    And you KNOW the future has not invented time travel because if they did, they’d come back here and bitch-slap your greedy butt.

  6. Clean living is essential and can be accomplished without a tyrannical government.
    Get rid of all the Elitist Despots that want to RULE with illogical demands and all of us with a brain will support things that make good sense.

  7. Well if a person builds a passive home they usually spend about 90% less on energy than a normal home. So I don’t know you tell me why some one would want to make something function better while saving people money?

  8. Because we can’t live without water and oil, both of which are natural resources, meaning they won’t last forever, especially they way we use them today.

  9. The green’s think the world will come to a end if we don’t do as they say just a faze seen it before when nothing happens they will move on to a new cause

  10. One simple reason: our current level of consumption is not sustainable. Think about it this way, if you spend more money than you earn, you eventually go bankrupt. The same is true with natural resources. If we use them at a faster rate than they can be replenished, we will eventually run out.

  11. Well firstly green living is cleaner and less pollution which makes it better to live. Secondly, green living preserves the environment and preserves the stuff we need to live, less pollution, less death.

  12. Think about it. If we continue breeding eventually every square inch of the planet will look like Tokyo. But the planet’s ecosystem will collapse long before that.

  13. I think people enjoy "green living" because they feel like they are making a difference in their own life and in the world by bettering themselves. Green living is a movement to slowly nurture and lessen the extremities that we as human beings place on the earth with our pollution and unhealthy lifestyles. They like to feel involved, which is what green living does for them.

  14. the earth will die, just as a plant would wither, starved in the mid-July sun. i suppose it wont happen for billions of years…….so i really dont see the point in going green now.

  15. Cause green is awesome!!!!! But I would still buy a clean diesel over a wimpy hybrid. It’s good for the earth after all you do want your kids to be born in a nice clean world right???

  16. Melting of polar ice caps, worse more extreme weather then what we have already been experiencing, filling up of landfills, polluting our earth, the food we eat is contamination by trash, not to mention the contamination of our oceans, it’s often cheaper, protecting the ozone layer to protect us from UV rays and skin cancers, save the trees that clean our air and it saves wild life

    You might be okay with trashing the earth that you’ve been so blessed to live on and act like your personal playground, but there are thousands if not millions of people who want to take care of it and make sure its still around for our children to enjoy.

  17. It makes us feel better when we die that we left the place better off than what we found it. Then again we’re dead so who the hell cares if the planet is green or not.
    Have a nice day.

  18. "Why the push for green living, green cars, green jobs, etc? "

    Social Control. Enjoy being socialized eco-slaves everyone.

    Whatever thumbs me down all you want… reread this answer in 5 years to see how ignorant you all were.

  19. How about living like a responsible human being instead of a pig.

    Then again I guess that is not a problem for a person like you.

  20. Well, It can really help some animals.. Like the polar bears. & The earth is suppose to be gone on 2012 due to all the "non-green" stuff we do.

  21. ♥☆Mrs. Rose☆♥

    Well, look at China. So much pollution, you can’t get a breath of fresh air. So much pollution, a lot of people have to wear dust masks just to walk around the cities. We don’t want to be like that so we’re doing everything we can to prevent it.

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