When solar energy is available in abundance why we rely on oil and other alternative?

Why can solar energy be not used everywhere? Is it very expensive to tap it?

4 thoughts on “When solar energy is available in abundance why we rely on oil and other alternative?”

  1. The cost of solar energy is much higher than petroleum or coal.
    When the cost of solar is not much more than the readily available sources of energy then it will become more accepted.

  2. Initial costs to setup solar panels are very high. Solar only works when the Sun is out. Electricity will be generated with solar cells on a cloudy day but at a lower rate. If there are trees or other shade sources they would have to be eliminated. The efficiency of solar cells is roughly about 20%. Solar in places like Alaska would be minimal at best because of the availability of sunlight.

    Solar is a good alternative but costs must come down for it to be widely accepted. Same basic reasons for wind power.

  3. Solar energy is (or was) very expensive, yes. That is changing. current costs versus long term power production are falling

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