Where can I find affordable organic/bamboo/eco-friendly/fair-traded or all over “green” clothing?

I’m having a hard time finding cheap (think college budget) clothing that also is good for the earth and for me. Thanks so much!

5 thoughts on “Where can I find affordable organic/bamboo/eco-friendly/fair-traded or all over “green” clothing?”

  1. I know that some organic markets by me have those clothes. in my opinion, get "green" fabrics and make your own.

  2. 2 Happily Married Americans

    Buy vintage clothes and use them to create a style that is all you. Its the best thing you can do for the environment and can be very stylish and budget friendly. Other than that, there are a few companies that make lots of eco-friendly clothing, like Patagonia, but its pricy. Polar fleece is made from recycled pop bottles, but I don’t know how overall good that is for the environment. Organically grown cotton or naturally dyed pieces are also safer bets, but pricy. Invest in good pieces you will own and wear a long time instead of buying lots of cheap stuff. Buy from companies that have a policy of fair trade, like "The Territory Ahead" catalog or stores.

    Best bet is re-using lightly worn and high quality clothes from thrift shops and resale. Good question! thanks for caring!

  3. Twilightlover0928

    Target probably does, though they might not have it in the size you want.

  4. I’m on a similar quest. I’ve found a few items at a few places. Target has a new limited line with organic cotton. REI has a new eco friendly line, many items are on sale right now. I’ve seen a few items at a store called Steinmart.

    You can go to treehugger.com or biggreenpurse.com and they have links to many clothes stores with eco friendly items.

    The other cheap option is used or vintage. That is always a great choice. The resources have already been expended and you are saving items from the landfill. Another option to refresh your wardrobe on a budget is a swap party. You invite friends and have them bring gently used items they no longer wear and you swap with them.

    My number one tip for conserving resources where clothes are concerned is to get your colors done. I have a color chart that I keep in my purse and it helps me select colors that I will look good in. Have you ever had an item that you think looks great, but you never where it, chances are it’s not a good color for you.

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