Where can I get help as an owner builder to build a green home?

My husband and I are interested in building our own home. Building a green home that is energy efficient is also important to us. Does anyone have any resources that can help us?

3 thoughts on “Where can I get help as an owner builder to build a green home?”

  1. Heather,
    As an architect, I applaud you and your husband, but I’ve also seen the down side of DIY, especially with less-familiar techniques. Hopefully it’s something you’ve done before! My biggest piece of advice is to have a good, thorough plan, so that you don’t get hit with construction surprises, cost overruns, or difficulties with the building department. The American Institute of Architects provides some guidance:

    Also, if you’re thinking green, I urge you to consider an ultra-efficient "passive house" type: 70%+ savings on heating (in our Chicago climate), cleaner indoor air, less allergens, quieter, and only 10-15% more than conventional construction–but you amortize that with your energy costs. Check it out at:

    Good luck!

  2. ah, please do! greener is better. although at first it can be expensive. it saves you (and the environment) in the long run try these sites

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