Who else shops for clothing at Goodwill because it is a cheap and green thing to do?

11 thoughts on “Who else shops for clothing at Goodwill because it is a cheap and green thing to do?”

  1. I shop there because I have a young child and kids outgrow clothes so fast that it is not worth the cost of new. Most of the shirts and jeans I have found have the orginal price tags on them. With the green thing yes it is great to do. If you have an old pair of jeans why not weave it into a very durable rug? I also find things like yarn, cross stitch kits and books. I found my couch and chair allmost new at Saint Paul Divencets which is a thrift store here in Iowa. They are apart of a program that helps former convicts earn a honest living and give them work ethics.

  2. I agree that Goodwill is expensive. One US store has a vintage boutique, very haut couture. Here in Rosarito Baja there is Red Cross store that has good bargains. Unfortunately, when gringos move down here they give away their good winter clothes, we can”t use them. We don’t have much of a winter.

  3. Goodwill has gotten to trendy or whatever for me. An old, used pair of pants costs more than the same thing new at Sears. I find salvation army or any of the local thrift stores are much better and the employees are more human.

  4. I shop at Goodwill because not only is it inexpensive, I can usually find quality clothes, at least in my town. As well, the money I spend goes for a good cause. I also donate things I cannot use any more, not only to Goodwill but also City of Refuge, DAV and others. Not so much to Salvation Army, at least here they have so much stuff they are not accepting any more. What I don’t donate, I put on yahoo freecycle and give it away, there is always someone who needs what you have.

    Here, Salvation Army moved into a new store and their prices went up 200 percent. Goodwill is now the least expensive game in town, a shirt or pair of jeans is still less than $5. Seniors days, even less, and markdown days are great for bargains. DAV is comparable, but Salvation Army priced itself out of my market.

    Good for you, RKO! And Merry Christmas!

  5. I do! I do! I just needed a dark blue blazer which I am going to wear once on a cruise ship. I bought one at the Salvation Army for five bucks! It fit perfectly! I checked a few clothing stores: that same jacket – new – would have cost me at least $120.00!!!
    I felt so fortunate, I even gave the bell-ringer outside the store a fifty-dollar bill! -RKO- 11/24/07

  6. I love shopping at Goodwill and Savers and Salvation Army and Garage/Yard sales. Almost everything is used. I love doing it too, it isn’t just the greenie in me, but it is the creative way I take discarded items and make them beautiful in my home.

  7. recycling will definately help

    poking through stuff at goodwill is entertaining and
    actually fun to meet people there

    The best are the bag sales…5 buck to fill a shoppng bag
    I fill with leather purses which i cut up for holsters and such

  8. love the second shops…also garage sales as well as free recycle site for just about every thing acept some electricals………….. underware new………….. every thing i buy is a bargain & just think im recycling all the time..things i dont need i give to charity…………love it.hard rubbish throw out once a year is another good search got some really great stuff, you have to ask the person who throws it out if you can have it…..fetes ……..jumble sales………yes im a great believer in recycling ….have fun & enjoy

  9. Not just clothing – pretty much everything I own is new-to-me; clothes, furniture, dishes, drapes, bed linens, computers, appliances, bathroom fixtures etc.. I frequent Salvation Army, Consignment shops, Goodwill, Bibles For Missions, SPCA Thrift, Value Village, ReStores, 2nd hand book stores, etc. I use Freecycle and have let my friends and contacts know that I do this, so they often give me their "stuff", I take what I can use and pass the rest on to one of the above organizations. I buy only underwear, hosiery and shoes new.

  10. Not only Goodwill. There are many thrift stores and annual sales run by non-profit entities. My favorite, though, is the Friends of the ———– Library book sales. I try to hit all of the ones in my area.

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