Why am I buying so many green clothes lately?

I used to only buy blue clothing. Not on purpose…it just happened.
But lately everything I buy is green! I can’t get enough of it.

Do you think it means anything?
no, I wasn’t born on St. Patrick’s day, but my middle name is Erin
(former name of Ireland)
so could it be increasing awareness of my middle name?

14 thoughts on “Why am I buying so many green clothes lately?”

  1. idk…i’m starting to buy more light green tops and also gray tops recently….i used to wear tons of pink but now i don’t have a closet FULL of pink anymore…lol
    i guess its just time for a change

  2. ~ ! Veggie Heaven ! ~

    You care for the environment lately
    You are a vegetarian(like me!:)
    I don’t blame green looks great on some people if your have the right features.
    I personally have a LOT of green.(not purposefully)

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