Why are many people in UK wearing a red and green badge on their clothes?

For a few days, while watching BBC World News, I’ve been noticing that many people (I don’t live in UK) are wearing a red and green badge on their clothes. I noticed, while watching Man Utd – Hull City highlights, that even Sir Alex Ferguson was wearing one.

I’m a curious sort of person and I’m still wondering what in fact is this badge. Could someone tell please?

2 thoughts on “Why are many people in UK wearing a red and green badge on their clothes?”

  1. I think you are talking about the poppy.

    ‘It’s worn on Remembrance Sunday which is the day put aside to remember all those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today.’

    The poppy is used because ‘It thrives in disturbed soil, which was abundant on the battlefield due to intensive shelling. During the few weeks the plant blossomed, the battlefield was coloured blood red, not just from the red flower that grew in great numbers but also from the actual blood of the dead soldiers that lay scattered and untended to on the otherwise barren battlegrounds. Thus the plant became a symbol for the dead World War I soldiers.’

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