Why are the left such hypocrites? You want to force your views of living green?

on everyone through legislation because you believe it is the best for us, but if a Conservative mentions religion you begin screaming that the right is trying to force religion on you. Where is the legislation that forces you to worship?

21 thoughts on “Why are the left such hypocrites? You want to force your views of living green?”

  1. Oh come on, how many Conservative political pitches center around bringing back family and religion (and deporting Mexican families). I don’t have a problem with religion as long as you don’t use your beliefs to control Congress and you do constantly. I just heard Christine O’Donnell say on TV that evolution is a lie. Just because she hasn’t evolved.

    Green living will be the way of the future, get over it and start listening. The problem is large corporations dump whatever they want into our waters like GE and the BP disaster which is still a mess but you don’t hear much about it anymore. Why is that? And why did the REPUBLICANS refuse to give the commission investigating the Gulf crime subpoena (it was no accident, they played the odds and we all lost). Why won’t they give the commission that power, otherwise they don’t have to co-operate at all. It’s the REPUBLICANS again that are putting their pockets over the very planet we all live on. So I have a pony in this race and to let ignorance, greed or laziness kill us all is unconscionable to me.

    Have you looked at Boehners lemon pledge?

    It will cost us 1.1 million jobs with all of the random cutbacks.

    It’s a very simple plan that simply won’t work.

    It will also drop our GDP 1.3%.

    You are not thinking clearly, lose the hate.

  2. Gay marriage. Gays in the military. Abstinence only sex Ed in schools, Abortion

    The two are not even close to the same subject.

    One is a representative of ONE groups faith. Freedom of to believe what one chooses and not have the ideals of One faith written into law forcing all to follow is Protected by the Constitution.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    The green movement is about preserving this planet for future generations. Stopping excess waste, keeping our water drinkable, our air breathable… you know the things we want our government to control. Because if they didn’t

    Apples and Oranges my friend Apples and Oranges

  3. There are some vague similarities there, as many members of the Left do have a religion that they want to be State mandated, and that religion is "Green". Their relationship to the issue has all of the trademarks of a religion. It has a doctrine, they worship that doctrine, and think that the planet has no chance of salvation except through their belief system. No exception.
    I am not into waste of resources of any kind, and even go as far as tracking my carbon footprint. I recycled, grew a chemical free garden, composted, and drove ultra high mileage vehicles decades prior to it being fashionable. BUT, I do not belong to any "green " organizations, nor did I come to my way of life by any of their "awareness" campaigns. So even though I am way ahead of most Lefties in terms of energy and resource conservation, I am not considered "green" because I am not part of their clique.
    Sounds like the reaction you would get from some one of a radical religion doesn’t it?

  4. ObamaBush both Fascists

    The Green industry is being used to manipulate and regulate.

    Green Agenda – The First Global Revolution
    This isn’t some quirky little group of green activists or obscure politicians. …. In The First Global Revolution the Club of Rome claimed that the time to …


  5. It is because they sincerely believe that the planet is a living being. They worship it as a goddess. Catholics call it Mary.

  6. The left aren’t hypocrites. The right are the hypocrites. Jesus was a Liberal.
    Money is the true god of the Conservatives.

  7. Nov.2nd - I need a pill

    1. Predict an ice age in the 70’s that didn’t happen.
    2. Predict the ozone destruction in the 80’s that didn’t happen
    3. Predict the 2000′ date change to meltdown all high tech communitcations, it didn’t happen
    4. Global warming in 2008, no need to bash that anymore
    5. Sue you in court for building wind farms as they hurt the birds
    6. Sue you in court for solar fields because they hurt the ground environment
    7. sue to have MTBE’s put into auto fuel to protect the air
    8. Sue to remove MTBE’s because it hurts the water

    What the hell is next?

  8. Yes, the liberals are hypocrites. I think it comes from the ENTITLEMENT mentality, that is the democrat way!


  9. PastorJonesWasCastratedBy0bama

    Yes and perverse marriage, abortions and every other sick thing they think up.

  10. Older Christian Liberal Democrat here . And God gave Us green . Both Wind and Sun are free and non polluting .
    Why is it Cons object to what God gives freely?
    Or is it Cons have not figured out how to charge us yet for every breath we take ?

  11. I don’t know.
    Maybe we want to live in a nice country. When has a liberal ever forced you to recycle, that’s your own choice.

  12. I want to get married to a member of the same sex and I want to build a mosque near ground zero.

    Your response?

  13. I have never "screamed that the right is trying to force religion". There have been some instances of unconstitutional establishment of religion, but "mentioning" religion is not one of them.

  14. My city now does random inspections of what’s in our trash cans. For instance if you have grass clipping in the recycle can they fine us 50 buck a pop.

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