Why did Obama ban green clothing on his trip through middle east?

Green is the color of Hamas Flags, but more so the color of Islam itself.

The color green is associated with the family of the prophet Muhammed.

Why would Obama risk insulting 1.4 billion muslims worldwide by placing a ban on anyone in his entorage wearing the color green on his trip to the middle east?
Maybe it really is his color, Marcia, and that is why he is going to such great lengths to make it not appear that way to the general public of America, who will actually decide who is President, and we care.
Apparently Obama thought green attire might turn up, otherwise, why the ban?

11 thoughts on “Why did Obama ban green clothing on his trip through middle east?”

  1. bcuz he felt like it geezz
    anyway the muslims love him and so do I!!!!!!!

    p.s maybe he looks bad in green

  2. The typical White Person!

    and Obama stands for?

    I guess Muslim women isn’t the only thing on the Obama chop block

  3. Jack Bauer my Hero

    ugh! Is it really a "ban" everyone on his trip will be in business attire. Do you think people are going to be wearing green suits anyway?

  4. Green is the color of Hamas. The ban was placed only for the countries of Israel and Jordan. And Barack likes to show foreign nations respect, something this administration has forgotten.

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