Why Do People Wear Green Clothing at St. Patrick's Day ??

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  1. Celebrating Ireland (national color), but mostly celebrating the clover and the real Saint Patrick wore green to preach at the church

  2. The colors of the Republic of Ireland are a tricolor of green, white, and orange. The orange supposedly represents the protestant population, the green the Catholic, and the white the peace between them. Protestants don’t celebrate saint’s days. So the wearing of green is a symbol of Saint Patrick’s day and then Ireland, the Emerald Isle, in general. The day as a holiday with parades, green beer etc. is more of an American tradition than Irish, and of course on St. Paddy’s day everyone is Irish."

    One of the reasons that one wears green on St. Patrick’s Day is because the Catholic side of Ireland is identified with green, and St. Patrick is a Catholic Saint credited with converting the island to Christianity. Where as the protestants are identified with orange, and are often called "Orangemen", as in King William the Orange. The clashes in Ireland between the Catholics and Protestants are often clashes of the green and the orange. The irony is that the Irish flag, is supposed to represent the unity of the two with the white between the two colours represnting unity. The traditional pinching of a person who wears orange on St. Patrick’s Day is a mild form of the violence that has so often occured in the past as both factions have had St. Patrick’s Day marches/parades.

    In Ireland there is actually very little preference to green at the parades, maybe a few novelty hats but not much more. Wearing green is an American thing.

  3. Most irish people are catholic and the green on the flag stand for catholic so green was the color that sticked over the years. Also Ireland has a lot of green. Rolling green hills and a lot of vegitation so it stands for the richness of Ireland.

  4. living dead girl

    here,if you forget to wear green everyone will pinch you.don’t know why,just always been that way….nc

  5. Have we not been paying attention to all the other people that asked this same question?
    1) – IRISH! – Emerald Isle, outlawing of the wearing of the green, *apparently a catholic thing* etc..

    2) don’t wear it, get pinched, but, pinch someone wearing green and they get to pinch you back twice – even if you’re wearing green (no green eyes don’t count as WEARING green, neither do tatoos, even if they’re celtic knots done in actual green ink!)

    3) because its FUN!!

    *remember, if you’re lucky enough to be Irish, You’re Lucky enough!*

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