Why do questions from the "Green Living" section always get featured on the front page?

Why? I think I could post "How can I dispose of my farts greenly?" in the Green Living section and it would get featured, like every other question in that section. Its weird, has Yahoo become eco-fanatical or something?

11 thoughts on “Why do questions from the "Green Living" section always get featured on the front page?”

  1. Haha I just now noticed that when you asked this….I’m not sure why though…..maybe they have become eco-fanatic or something.

  2. I think Yahoo’s trying to divert attention from the fact that it’s server farm is one of the worst contributers to global climate change on the continent.

  3. most likely they have so that they can get more credit for what they probably don’t even care about.

  4. Mr. Crowley (MLK will live on)

    I don’t know. It’s not as big of an issue as the bailouts Congress is giving. Or the economy.

  5. 1.) "Green Living" hints in the newspaper come courtesy of dead trees that were planted and grown for the purpose and soy based ink, which the State of California has determined must be a controlled substance.

    2.) "Green Living" hints on the Internet come from the burning of fossil fuels (bad, just cuz), nuke (bad, just cuz), hydro-electric (bad, changes natural landscape), wind generators (only when the wind is blowing and it kills birds), or solar arrays (not dependable and covers too much land to pass environmental hurdles.)

    3.) All interactions within an environment cause changes to that environment. None of which are acceptable to environmental luddites. Care of the environment is important; care of the economy is also important. Care of media hype and junk science is not important.

    Therefore, in the interest of a healthy environment, it is obvious that we should ignore such wasteful tripe.

    Have a nice day.

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