Why do so many people not want to join green living,man?

I been living green for 40 years now man.Look how good i turned out

5 thoughts on “Why do so many people not want to join green living,man?”

  1. HAHAH!

    Not everyone catches on as quickly as you! but seriously I think the problem is making a full commitment to changing the lifestyle we’re used to living. Also, green living seems so boring in the media! Sites like Guffly and Ideal Bite make living green seem fun, inexpensive, and a truly good idea – light green living i think they call it! more sites like these could help people join green living!

    … well at least they convinced me!

  2. I decided like you to become an environmentalist back in the 60’s. I have spent my life helping people and business eliminate energy waste and conserve natural resources.

  3. Most people are very simple and they don’t think very much. They go to work and come home and stare at the TV. They eat like crap too. So their minds are not healthy and then they are fed CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME and if you can’t there is something wrong with you so take this pill. Break the TV. It is the biggest device for slavery since the shackle.

  4. Bohemian_Garnet_Permaculturalist

    LMAO ! Thank you for the laugh this morning! But hey man, I’ve never known a liberal hippie that couldn’t make a completely AWESOME pizza from scratch.

    As a very conservative person, living a very green lifestyle, perhaps you’ll share your recipe with me? I’ll then share a recipe with you for home-made soap…something I’m sure you could use.

    Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years

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