why does solar energy extraction NOT take place at the equator?

I mean, it’s the hottest place on earth, so one would assume it would be prime area for solar energy methods no?

3 thoughts on “why does solar energy extraction NOT take place at the equator?”

  1. Cost is the restricting factor that don;t allow people from installing solar panels. Government should subsidize corporations to lower the commercial price of these panels

  2. and how much expensive cooper wire would it take to get the energy to your home? And how much energy would be consumed to make that cooper?

    The number of people living at the equator is almost nil.

    Solar panel have reduced output and can even stop making power if the temperature gets too hot.

  3. virtualguy92107

    The equator isn’t the hottest place on earth, it just gets the most direct sunlight at the top of the atmosphere. Near-tropical desert areas are hotter and get more sun at ground level due to less cloud cover. In addition, there are the questions of local demand for energy and local economic surplus to build solar power installations. There are some solar power installations in equatorial countries.

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