Why don't we use solar enfrgy as a major source of energy for our cars,homes,and factories?

Solar energy is the best enviromentally friendly source of energy.We must use it primarily replacing other sousces.But we are not using it widely in cars,homes,factories.Why?

8 thoughts on “Why don't we use solar enfrgy as a major source of energy for our cars,homes,and factories?”

  1. Solar can be affordable but there needs to be a smart way of approaching massive solar projects. Forward thinking companies are applying alternative methods to keep the supply of power going to the grid when the sun is not shining.

    Using bio-fuels like waste products can be a viable alternative. When you combine solar + bio-fuel you get a renewable power source that can provide a steady reliable source of electricity to the grid.

  2. FIrst we are not anywhere near the end of oil or natural gas reserves, and they are still relatively cheap.

    Solar on the other hand is still rather expensive and not efficient enough at energy recovery/conversion to be useful at producing the level of power required to light cities and factories. Plus there are days when the sun is not shining and how much of the scenic areas of the world do you want to cover up with panels? Some things like cars require more energy for acceleration and maintainig highway speed than solar panels on exposed surfaces could provide; even if the panels were a perfect 100 percent conversion.

    The shortest answer is solar is not a cost effective solution at this time.

  3. It could be the fact it would take hundreds of square miles of solar panels? Or that solar power isn’t 24/7.

  4. well that is because petrol=fossil is more cheaper in because of we,we use more fuel than solar energy,but longer and longer the time, the fossil will be used up as effect of using petrol products .Starting from today the price of petrol will increase. So people should buy solar panel which will be cheaper at maybe 2050 hopefully.

  5. We will, once the oil runs out and the Oil Companies have no better means of getting money out of us.

  6. Unlike oil, gas, or coal, solar power recieves very little in the way of government subsidies. this means that each solar project must obtain funding individually. The government is worried about getting big sources of power online, so only big solar projects get built. Unfortunately, solar power is not ideal for big projects. It’s best use would be in the form of small projects, such as on people’s houses, or on top of buildings that use power. The government doesn’t see much point in such small-scale projects, so individuals end up footing the bill for these. Unfortunately, it can be as much as 30 years before they begin to see a return in their investment. A lot of people don’t stay in the same house that long, so it is not worth it for them to install solar panels. Others simply don’t have the free money available to spend on enough solar panels to make much difference. Still others believe solar power is not efficient enough to actually make a difference, or fear that in the time it takes for them to see a profit on their purchase, the panels will have gotten damaged.

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