why is green living only a recent fad?

we know we have been damaging the earth with all the waste and pollution, so why is going green just now becoming the thing to do? shouldn’t we have started going green sooner, before it got this bad?

7 thoughts on “why is green living only a recent fad?”

  1. Certainly we all should have been doing a lot more a lot sooner, but green living has been around for awhile. Earth Day was established in 1970. Going green is just more to the forefront now because it is getting more attention from the media and politicians. In addition, more and more are just chosing to save our planet by changing small things in their lives. Also, going green can save you money as well and right now the economy is in sad shape. So if you buy flourescent light bulbs you will cut down on your monthly electic bill.

  2. Green living has been around for a long time thay just now put a name to it.

    I have been playing with solar power since the 70’s and it was around long befor then..Other names hermits, neards,

  3. The term may be new, but environmental awareness has been around for ages — think John Muir and his brethren — and in the mid 1960’s Rachel Carson authored "Silent Spring," which led to significant environmental change, and culminated in the formation of the first Earth Day in 1970. Many went "green" then and never looked back. Others lapsed into their old ways.

    The latest movement is resulting from the fact that we’ve got more people on the planet than ever before and our planet is showing signs of stress.

    Going green means you are trying to be part of the solution. If that’s a fad, so be it.

  4. We messed up the world’s air by not considering what may happen.
    Well we have now found out and are desperately trying to change it for future generations.
    By using solar from the sun and wind farms to generate electricity

  5. its to let our future generations cool down and breathe
    we don’t want the world blowing up so soon

  6. littlerobbergirl

    it’s not.

    etc. etc.

    its not a ‘fad’, the mainstream are finally catching up with what some of us have been saying and living for decades; that western society is unsustainable and must change.

  7. Green living has long been on the agenda of civil society groups (such as non-governmental organisations, community-based groups) etc – think ‘hippies’ or those living in the eco-villages of the 1970’s.

    Governments have, in the past, also embraced green activity. For example, there was a fledgling wave energy programme in the 1970’s. This was fuelled by the oil crisis, but was shelved when oil was cheap and freely available once again.

    The difference between then and now is wide-scale public awareness and political consensus on the scientific understanding of the climate change threat. This new, mainstream credibility of ‘green living’ has moved it on from a statement of social standing to inter and intra governmental regulation of issues. This time, it will become law and policy.

    Furthermore, threats of oil supply peaking, food shortage and the realisation of global economic shifts in favour of developing economies are coming to the fore.

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