Why is solar energy a renewable resource and also some advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy?

Please tell me some disadvantages and advantages of using solar energy. I also need to know why it is a renewable resource. Can you also tell me how much of of solar energy is left and how long it will last. Thank you so much. [Tell me some websites to vist about this information]

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  1. Search wikipedia for solar power/energy for one.

    1) The advantages are numerous. It is nonrenewable technically. However, the energy itself extends from that endless pool of warmth we call the sun. So, we’ll never run out of solar energy… at least until our sun dies out. That’ll be in a few billion years, though. No worries now.

    2) Solar energy is gathered and collected by solar panels. You may see them on top of some houses, some gass stations, or on top of emergency phone boxes in some rural areas.

    3) To completely understand soler energy, you also need to understand that without it, we would not be able to survive. Plants and vegetation absorb the sun’s energy in a process called photosynthesis. That energy, combined with watter and oxygen, helps from sugars for the plant to survive on. Then small animals eat the plants and larger animals eat the smaller animals. The original source of energy is always the sun, which you can consider an endless pool of free energy if you wish. As you work your way up the pyramid 1st – 2nd – 3rd order comsumers and so on… the energy if decreased about 90% from level to level.

    There is still research to be done, but I think you’ll figure that out forself in a search at wikipedia.com.

  2. Solar energy is renewable because it is an abundant source of energy, it will be there as long as the sun is.

    Advantages-saves other resources/clean/eco-friendly/cheap
    Disadvantages-not as powerful/must be a clear sunny day/cannot gain solar energy at night

  3. First, its all a guess but the sun will continue to shine for about another 2-4 billion years. So for all practical purposes, its eternal.
    Solar energy depends on sunshine, one disadvantage is cloudy, overcast, rainy, snow etc. days. No sunshine, no real energy. Another difficulty is converting solar energy, solar panels generate direct current (DC) and this has to be converted to AC current to run appliances, etc. in your house. In order to store solar energy, batteries are required, so the DC current from the solar panels can charge the batteries, and then the DC current must be converted to AC.
    Solar panels are not cheap but the price is coming down. They also don’t last forever and can be damaged by hail, etc.
    The good news is, solar energy is clean, not pollution except for the manufacture of the panels and for the moment, sunshine is still free.

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