Why Should We Launch Solar Panels Into Space?

To solve the energy crisis currently facing the world, one Japanese space firm is aiming to launch a giant solar panel into space! While this would cost a lot of money, the solar panel would…

25 thoughts on “Why Should We Launch Solar Panels Into Space?”

  1. If all the countries gave some money each, we could literally at this
    moment supply people with almost free energy for EVERYONE and the best part
    is that it will ACTUALLY BE SUSTAINABLE!!! Guys, is this how to stop
    climate change and pollution???

  2. “It’s one trillion dollars, but that’s only about 125 dollars for everyone
    person on the Earth by 2030.” Are these people fucking retarded? ONLY 125
    dollars for EVERY person on Earth by 2030? A large portion of the
    population consists of children! Let alone the fact that 80% of people live
    off only 10 dollars a day. I’m not saying this project shouldn’t be done,
    but what a stupid way of saying “it’s only 1 trillion dollars.” *facepalm
    to the fucking max*

  3. Energy companies will never allow this development and boycot the hell out
    of this project causing it never to happen.

  4. Gabriele Vysniauskaite

    but wont we see those mirors in the sky cuz if we do thats is fukt up

  5. Listener113377

    Why not use Triforce to power a megastructure such as a colossal generator.
    Triforce= Wind Water and Light from the sun. each one of those alone can
    power a small city or a village depending on your references, can they not?.
    Atleast those huge wind powerplant parks.
    But together! They should be able to power an engine large enough to make a
    generator the size of the twin towers spin. that should make the nuclear
    powerplants look like toys.

  6. I would love for this to be possible. I’m always hoping for better energy
    sources instead of what we have now. I just know the selfish desires of
    those who currently have the world in their toxic grasps would refuse to
    even support clean energy.

  7. Solar energy should be the most important energy method since its
    unlimited! and harmless! We could get to the point of never paying for

  8. Uhh, it always come down to cost….If it helps people, and it makes life
    better, and we have the resources, we should just do it. It’s like poverty
    – we have the technology and resources to end it…but cost gets it the way

  9. Kim Rasmussen

    anyone remember the sola shield from futurama the globalwarming epesode ?
    small meteor taps the shield it flips around and turns into a mega
    magnifying glass

  10. If we invest $1 trillion on putting solar panels on houses here on earth we
    could power more than 500,000 houses… Just sayin… We really don’t like
    mundane solutions that work. Global climate change, education, etc, all
    have mundane solutions that will never be enacted because nobody wants to
    support a boring idea. 

  11. The idea isn’t really that new. The Nazis had the plan of putting something
    like a huge lense into space to fry targets from orbit. Yeah, seeing how
    the V2 could barely hit cities and carry only a small payload.

    On a small scale this might work but the cost is certainly a problem. I
    don’t think humanity will really start heavily investing into alternative
    sources of power until it’s almost too late. Germany for example is one of
    the few countries heavily investing in renewable energy and people are
    already bitching about the costs. They want cheap energy but the nuclear
    power plant or dirty coal plant should be far away from their house.

  12. I kinda feel that sending robots to the moon that can convert the moon
    rocks into usable materials to build solar panels and then cover the entire
    moon’s surface in them would be much cooler. Not really sure if it’s
    plausible, but definitely cooler. 

  13. Let’s get Solar Power by using this idea!
    #energy #solar #power #renewable 

  14. We could actually do this but instead of having it orbit the earth you
    would have these solar panels orbit venus or even mercury if these panels
    could handle the heat. I did these in kerbal space program using
    interstellar quest xD

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