WK 58.7: FINAL Clothing Goal = The Green Dress FITS!

I had 3 clothing goals on this journey 1. Wear a Size 10 – Accomplished on 2/14/10 2. Wear a Size 8 – Accomplished on 3/17/10 ** Actually wearing a Size 6 now – Accomplished on 4/30/10 3. Wear the Japanese Green Dress – Accomplished 5/9/10 Now What? Any thoughts or help on what goal(s) should be created next, except the obvious of getting to my goal weight, would be appreciated. Onward!

25 thoughts on “WK 58.7: FINAL Clothing Goal = The Green Dress FITS!”

  1. Look at that smile!! You go girl! You are such a HUGE inspiration to me! I am just starting my journey and I watch you all the time! Thanks for all you do!

  2. @maxfaith28 yes, the famous green dress. lol. Thank you! how are you doing? we need an update vid! weekly? wishing you all the best.

  3. @lvscotty thanks! you are right, the hard work has and still is paying off. i am going to hit that goal and do my best to stay there. if you work it, the goals will be met. keep trucking! thank you!

  4. @cakelady76 thanks! I am working towards that goal and I will get there. take care.

  5. @crosspecans i sure did! thank you. I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you and seeing your comments.

  6. @IamKris411 thanks! just tried it on again for my boyfriend. he likes! thanks again. take care.

  7. @mskittycruz1 that is what I said. . .OH WOW! thank you! I will remain STRONG. . .if YOU DO!?!

  8. @bunnybeetle finally! thanks! how are you doing? Welcome to the Loser’s Bench! Let me know how you are doing. Take care.

  9. @WLJwithCyndi OMG is what i said too! Thanks. it’s not tight. i told my boyfriend that we are going to have to go for japanese soon, before it is too big. take care.

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