A Truly Green Net-Zero Energy Home

The Moore House is a truly green home high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that creates more energy than it uses. Architect Thomas Doerr shows how passive solar design, super-insulation, photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal were used to create this southwestern style, net-zero energy house. The US Department of Energy’s Energy Star program says a typical house scores 100 on its HERS (Home Energy Rating System). The lower a house scores, the better. The green building strategies used for the Moore House earned it a HERS score of -3; one of a few houses to ever score this well. Learn more at www.BuildSustainably.com *

5 thoughts on “A Truly Green Net-Zero Energy Home”

  1. I’m sure you know … but with continuous closed cell, you can eliminate the vapor barriers. We are currently doing studies on net zero homes with insulated studs and thermal mass. I enjoyed the video …


  2. BuildSustainablyCom

    @rcoish99 With all the custom plaster, woodwork, super-windows and whatnot, the home can in at $200/SF, or about $700k. The spray foam is open cell. I am trying to spec closed cell in current projects.

  3. How much is this house with the exception of the PV panels and solar tubes?
    And is the spay foam open or closed cell?

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