Allan Green vs Carlos De Leon Jr Rd. 2

25 thoughts on “Allan Green vs Carlos De Leon Jr Rd. 2”

  1. @Ali3009ify I thought the same thing about Green. At one point I believed the super six ws designed to find out who was the best to match up against Green. He turned out to be the biggest failure of 2010 in boxing. Worst than Pavlik. Green should have fought again by now – Jessie Brinkley would be a good match-up. Or even better Darren Barker or David Lemieux. I would pay money to watch DL whip AG….it would be brutal!

  2. @trainlinezoo he is a good boxer, he really is, when he started his career going a long way undeafted and knocking out almost everybody, i thought he was going to be boxing’s next superstar, boxing’s next pound for pound champion, maybe even a great. but the thing is he really isnt that good. when he stepped in competion and fought guys who are rated from the top 10 of the world, he started to lose. He just aint good enough for the big boys.

  3. Green is 29-3 but people are on here talkin bout it’s over for him…come on now. I will say this though, whatever mental block he has going on needs to end- start being the fighter that he was. The physical skills are there, he just has to put the two together.

  4. What happened to Allan Green? The night I watched this fight I though for sure the Super Six tournament was designed to figure out who would fight Green but here we are less than three years later and Green may never fight on TV again. Unless Allan gets himself a soulless Russian boxing trainer who will push him to the limit it is sad to say that his exciting career is over.

  5. 1:36 seconds in…that punch is called the smash and it was invented by Razor Ruddock. It’s devastating and knocks fighters out cold. God I love that move…

  6. @Kedbuka he was dead at the weight ward didn’t do nothing hold and he was scaird to death green need to go up to 175

  7. i know allen greens little brother! hes one of my really good friends! i swear! i didnt know he was this big of a deal SHIT! hes a FUCKING BEAST!

  8. yaa but thats why they call it a fight nobody reily knows who’s going to win but green should come out for a big ko dont go long rounds

  9. @serrada I just read the Yahoo article about that actually. I think it was after the Miranda fight (Iole said it was like 80% of his colon) and that it was the colon that cost him the Miranda fight. Anyway, I hope he wins against Ward. Ward is a good fighter but he’s kinda been anointed as the Golden Boy of the Super Six Tournament and Green winning would make the Tournament 10x more exciting.

  10. @Gorguruga thats true thats why im kinda iffy about saying green will win by decision cause they might fuck him over but imma rolewith green anyway

  11. @AliRidah619 Ward’s got a big home advantage again. Green needs the KO to win imo.

  12. @nomadicsx ya but you forgot to say that he had 60% of his colon removed befor the maranda fight

  13. i think green will beat ward my unanimous decision but i know ishouldgo with ward cause he’s very talented but imma go with green

  14. I will, and i’ll use it to my advantage. I like Ward over 12 by 117-111 type scores.

  15. allan green isn’t as good as he thinks he is. His left hook is dangerous, but he loses
    focus and a gameplan in mid fight, and is a bit chinny himself. I fully expect Ward
    to defend in june.

  16. wards best wins are against miranda and kessler, both bums. same goes for green, except he lost to miranda

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