AMICLUBWEAR St. Patrick’s Day Patty Day Clothing Tutorial How not to get pinched

For green stuff, you can click this link: *^_^*

20 thoughts on “AMICLUBWEAR St. Patrick’s Day Patty Day Clothing Tutorial How not to get pinched”

  1. Could you do a video on how to shop for your body shape like what to look for and what works and what doesnt work:)

  2. Just out of curiosity, is that your house? Just wondering because your standing infront of it!

  3. I’m not Irish, but I’ve always loved green(army). I thought the last two outfits were pretty cute.

  4. Hi Cassandara……Love your videos. My wife bought the green spagetti strap off the shoulder top….I love the color. She will pair it with bright white capris and green heels. Cant wait to see her in in it!

  5. CuteBrainiacGirl

    wow… i love the last outfit.

    those shoes are super cute, and if they’re as comfortable as kassandra says, i’ll buy them in all the colors too! i couln’t find tham on the website tho 🙁

  6. Hey cassandara, in your last outfit..i couldn’t find th ejacket on the website. great outfits though!!!!

  7. I love the dresses!

    Can you start doing vids on sizes? like how to dress up people with problem bits? (IE Look slimmer, hide hips, slim the waist, look taller) Please! 😀

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