Christie Says Politicians Should Wait Before Calling For Gun Control Changes

Gov. Chris Christie, surrounded by Democratic legislators, signed a bill designed to stabilize the solar energy market in New Jersey. Lucrative incentives have led to a glut of solar installations in the state and a price drop in solar energy credits that threatens to halt the industry in its tracks, something neither party wants to see. For more New Jersey news, visit NJ Today online at

1 thought on “Christie Says Politicians Should Wait Before Calling For Gun Control Changes”

  1. the guy in Colorado is classic monarch, everything about him screams mk-ultra, the criminal scum who are involved in these programs need to be exposed for what they are, where they are, and how deep it goes, and just how long it’s been going on. the victims (of all ages, some younger then 2) need to be identified and treated. these crimes against humanity, and civilization must stop. and the human race must rise and take back control from these spoiled monsters who would utilize such tactics

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