Are you into the living green thing because of the celebrities who do it and the tv advertisements?

is that what has led people into being environmentally green?

7 thoughts on “Are you into the living green thing because of the celebrities who do it and the tv advertisements?”

  1. uhmm…im into "Living green thing" becuase if we dont in 50 years part of the world will be under the water, and it will be very hot, and everyone will be pissed off and dumb as hell

  2. that celebrities and tv show it, makes us aware.

    sometimes we do it because it saves us money (Prius – wait until gas is $10 a gallon to figure out how much it will save you).

    sometimes because it’s the right thing to do.

  3. Yes, plus the "all my firends do it ands I want to be popular" criteria. I personally oppose the entire concept because global problems do not have grass roots solutions.

  4. I think it helps to promote a cause from well-known people. I mean, people aren’t going to hug trees just because some good looking celebrity does it. I don’t think they’d be that absurd and sacrifice their own personal interests just so they can please some person a thousand miles away who won’t even know they exist. Pretty stupid to.

    But celebrities have influence. Think about all those things they do. Like St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Bunch of charities and stuff. Big names could get people to think about things.

  5. We turned off our cable TV a few years ago. We live as we do, because we value our independance, and "can do" spirit.

    I’ve been living an earth friendly lifestyle for over 20 years (closer to 30).

    Perhaps the celebrities are copying ME?!

    Homesteading/Farming over 20 years (TV free for over 9 of those years)

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