what color hair dye will make green eyes look greener?

i want to make my green eyes look greener and heard that wearing green clothes work,but was wondering if dye your hair green will do the same, im planning on dying my hair and want to do green, but also want to know what other colors will make my eyes look greener

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  1. Don’t dye your hair green! Unless it’s highlights.
    Dark green eyes = Dark brown hair.
    Light green eyes = Blonde hair.
    Other green color = Red.

  2. yeah i agree, red hair with a lot of black eyeliner! that would make your green eyes stand out a lot more and look more pretty 🙂

  3. ♥ NeLuTziKka ♥

    Whatever you do, DO NOT dye your hair green.

    Dye your hair a NATURAL, light red, not bright red.
    Wear black eyeliner and your eyes will stand out enough.

  4. Be a dark chocolate or coffee brown brunette! I’m a girl, and I love that hair colour with green eyes, and along with a tan is super hot. I think it’s a good combination. I know someone who has that look and also to make green eyes stand out is to put black mascara on.

  5. Red. I have hazel eyes, and when I had my hair dyed red, it really brought the green out in them. It’s because red and green are opposites on the color wheel, so that means that they are complementary to each other. 🙂

  6. Usually, to get one color to stand out, you find it’s opposite. The opposite of green is red, so you’d want to stick with reddish tones. Fire-engine red would definitely make your eyes stand out, if you want to go that extreme. You could also use purple, as it can help make green pop as well. If you want to stay sort of natural, go for red, or even blonde and brunette shades that are labeled golden or warm. These include red undertones that will subtly make your eyes pop.

    Good luck! Remember, no matter what color you end up going with, make sure you condition well.

  7. lots of black eyeliner, plus really vibrant red hair, or black with cherry tint
    it makes green eyes look really good 🙂

  8. As far as clothes go you should always wear the complementary color of your eyes if you want them to look brighter which in your case would be red.

    I would either dye your hair either black or blonde, but not brunette, but this mainly depends on your skin tone. People with very fair skin look horrible with black hair (my opinion), and I also think black hair only suits people that naturally have black hair. I think you can never dye black hair that beautiful than real black hair looks. So I would go for blonde!

    Hope this helps!

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