What are all you "green living" people going to do with the mercury from the "earth friendly" light bulbs?????

7 thoughts on “What are all you "green living" people going to do with the mercury from the "earth friendly" light bulbs?????”

  1. At least with the lightbulbs, I know where the mercury is and I can choose not to put it into the water. When it’s being pumped into the air by a cheap coal plant, I don’t get that choice, do I?

    To answer your question, I’m going to recycle my lightbulbs. When they burn out in about 5 years. I plan to cart them down to Ikea where I’ll use some of the money I save to buy something recycled.

  2. brokenheartsyndrome

    The same thing they are going to do with all the nuclear waste from the nuclear power plants. Whatever that is

  3. As you do not sound like a "green living" "earth friendly" person, why do you care what I do with my waste?

  4. I do not know how mercury is dangerous, but in Russia health care system they use a chemical version of mercury instead of iodine to stop infections when doctors give them an injection.

  5. Same thing we do with the mercury in the fluorescent tubes, or the mercury spewed into the air by coal-fired power plants, or the mercury in the fish we eat. Point of the new bulbs is they cost about $1.25 if you leave one all 24 hrs a day for a year–and the old light bulb would cost you over $50 worth of electricity–probably generated from a mercury-spewing coal fired generator!

  6. moreacidthanalkaline

    There are some strategies if you follow the link.

    But you’re not genuinely interested in an answer are you?

    If what you want to say is "you ‘green living’ people are kidding yourselves because ‘earth friendly’ light bulbs contain dangerous amounts of mercury", just come out and say it.

  7. It’s widely accepted that Tuna and other fish thrive on more mercury. By using CF lights, people will be able to get more mercury into these fish.

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