Any suggestions to be more "green" at home and save money?

3 thoughts on “Any suggestions to be more "green" at home and save money?”

  1. 1.)Get four trash cans and place labels on them for paper products, metal, glass, and plastic. Take to the recycle center whenever they are full. Earns you some cash too.
    2.) Use a 32 ounce spray bottle filled with 1 cup white vinegar and 3 cups water to clean everything including countertops, windows and floors without harming anything. It cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes. When it dries, the smell goes away. Costs about 3 cents a bottle to make. I buy the 1 gallon white vinegar for about $2 at Wal-Mart.
    3.) White vinegar in the laundry deodorizes as well as softens the laundry and is much more economic.
    4.) Make a clothes line for drying your laundry. I save about $60 a month by drying my laundry outside rather than using the dryer.
    5.) Remove the pea trap under your sink and manually clean it out rather than using caustic chemicals to unclog the drain. Much more efficient as well.
    6.)Turn the shower off while lathering, shaving or washing your hair as it saves hot water and water in general.
    7.) Use the cold wash cycle as it has been proven that hot water does not clean any better than cold but does waste more energy heating water and it also sets the stains before you have a chance to remove them.
    8.) Shop at the local Goodwill or other second hand clothing stores to prevent more clothing going into landfills. Take your gently used clothing that no one does or can wear to the thrift stores for other people.
    9.) Use the cruise control on your vehicle is able to this saves you fuel as you are keep a constant speed rather than a fluctuating one. Driving 60 instead of 70 on the freeway also saves a lot of fuel.
    8.) Crank that thermostat up to 77 or higher to save on energy costs.
    9.) Cover windows facing the hot summer sun with a piece of poster board or heavy white drapes to deflect heat from the house.
    10.) Planting fast growing shrubs in front of sun facing windows will help block the home from heat and can be cut back in the winter to allow the warm sunlight to help heat the home.


    unplug everything electric in your home when your not using it like cell phone chargers lamps microwaves t.v.s dont leave the water running when your brushing your teeth stop taking baths buy CFL lightbulbs they save money and produce less energy there at walmart

  3. There are lots of ways. Don’t waste energy on heating and cooling (keep it all in the house), use friendlier products, plant a garden…..the list goes on and on. Down below is a link to an article with alot of other suggestions.

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