Avit Clothing Showreel feat. Wiley, Professor Green, Giggs, N-Dubz and many more…

Avit Clothing est. 2006, supporting UK talent since 2000. The Avit® brand was born to promote urban talent, at a time when it was not accepted into mainstream as it is now. Avit® is about encouraging people and supporting them with their ambitions. We promote positive people, with positive ideas and morals, which our clothes are inspired by. Avit’s niche concept has developed to the clothing brand we are today. Thanks to everyone who’s supported us and been part of the journey so far. Check us out www.avitclothing.com Thanks to all who appeared on this showreel, 184 for the beats, Lion9 for the mix www.myspace.com/184productions and Mad Vision Films for editing.

10 thoughts on “Avit Clothing Showreel feat. Wiley, Professor Green, Giggs, N-Dubz and many more…”

  1. @sprucesidewinder that means a lot coming from Mr Sidewinder himself!!! And jus think we still haven’t collaborated YET!!! 😉 lol Let’s do it 2011 is a big year SRE AVIT!!!

  2. wicked this vid is massive!! and its true they have been supporting the scene since 2000!! big up all the team down there you know you guys Avit, I SAID SO FROM DAY!!

  3. Looking good, Coming from the AV collective (artvibe.co.uk) I thought it looked strong Good Luck widdit , though the hot pants wouldn’t suit me. Benoakleydotcom

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