Brad Pitt Auctions Green Home Tour, Kevin Bacon with NRDC: Ecorazzi’s Good Gossip #15

Brad Pitt Auction’s Himself Off, Kevin Bacon & Robert Redford Speak Out Against Oil, and The CW Goes Au Natural http Brad Pitt is offering himself up for auction. Well, just for a day. If your pockets are deep enough you and a friend can get a private tour of one of his green homes in New Orleans, which includes a night at a swanky hotel, dinner by an award-winning chef, and more celeb mingling at a gala. Last time I checked the highest big was around 000. It’s good to know that the 1% are spending their money wisely! Kevin Bacon has joined forces with the Natural Resources Defense Council by narrating a video about protecting the world’s last 400 Spirit Bears and their rainforest home. They’re threatened by Enbridge’s proposal to build an oil pipeline in the area, which we can’t trust due to the energy company’s appalling record of over 700 spills in the past 10 years, so here’s what I propose – send the big wigs to scout the area, then sick all the bears on them. It’d be the greatest example of natural selection. In other oil news, Robert Redford also made an NRDC video to personally thank President Obama for not approving the Keystone XL Pipeline that would have linked tar sands in Alberta to refineries in Texas. Hard to tell if this was a decision based around true concern for the environment, or a political tactic to show off his ability to keep his promises, but who cares! If making the country healthier and greener is just a way

3 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Auctions Green Home Tour, Kevin Bacon with NRDC: Ecorazzi’s Good Gossip #15”

  1. Great report Whitney! I could see this as a segment on The Wendy WIlliams show, you’re too hip for the other stuffy entertainment news shows.

  2. “It’ll just be nature’s way of taking care of things!” lol…This was a great video:)! Thanks.

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