BGH – Insulated Concrete Forms Construction

Ryland Heyerman and Mike Morrison explain how Ryland’s wall were built using Insulated Concrete Forms

20 thoughts on “BGH – Insulated Concrete Forms Construction”

  1. @xXsnitchyXx I have build with this material and I cant complain, you use less manpower and the building is fast, comparing with ‘classic’ materials, an is still concrete (strong)

  2. @Spdkllr07 The cost is about 5% to 10% higher, but you benefit from energy savings, in return, in less than a year.

  3. @walkandlookup : thanks for the info, but will the insurance company give discount if I use this material? and most of all, is it costly..I mean more than regular materials?

  4. @Spdkllr07 Believe me! it is very strong quake proof, and extremely energy efitient, and less building material. I live in tropical area and we have to deal with the heat (houses turn like ovens under the sun) but with this technique ( no heat fransfer) they get very conftable and if needed a very small capacity A/C will be plenty

  5. what if instead of plastic joints, the joints were made of high grade steel which could be welded together?
    i agree this idea is not complete yet but the foam already on the pieces is a great idea to build (foot by foot) an energy cost effective house.

  6. @TheRooster602 ah yes i see this , must have missed that part about the PLASTIC STUDS ,, i think ill stay with a tested system , with over 50 yrs in the game

    lets see ill come back in 50 yrs to see how your doing

    not i wouldnt think

  7. @xXsnitchyXx , this isn’t stick on drywall – there are plastic studs in the walls, they screw the sheetrock into them.

  8. Is it strong enough to build using these materials in the hurricane areas? how much will it cost per sq foot? will the insurance company give discount if used these materials?

  9. you don’t stickon this drywall as in early years of ICF. You have furring strips every eight inches. ALL drywalls that have used this system like it because it reduces waste.

  10. being a drywall installer for over 25 yrs i refuse to work on homes built with this rubbish

    ,stickon drywall is never a good idea long term ,movement over the yrs will cause cracks to form on your internal walls and joints

  11. with a bit of research you would discover that and ICF wall performs like an R-40 to R-50 wall. I’m not sure where you get your insulation, but chances are it won’t give you that kind of R-value. Plus, block is not better for building above grade. ICF’s are much better suited for above grade applications

  12. this stuff is garbage. block is so much better. with proper insulation you can achieve the same r- factor.

  13. you cant rent ICF forms you have to buy them cause once you use them there on your walls for life

  14. Um, dude, the foam forms are the “Insulated” part of the ICF construction. They are a permanent part of the wall structure. Hence the lower heating/cooling costs. You have to purchase them.

  15. You will save oney on labor as well, no stripping, and set up is quick as well.

    Follow the instructions or you will blow forms out.

  16. how much is it to rent out the forms per q. foot?

    please let me know as soon as you can thank you

  17. I’ve been considering looking into wanting to build a house project using this when I first saw these things being used to make a foundation on a job site…. Since my project is going to be big, I was thinking using wood would run me alot of money.. Instead I would probably like to use this instead.. Though is it much cheaper, or more expensive to build a home out of this as opposed to using wood.

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