Milking Goats by Hand – How-To at Blue Rock Station Green Living Center

Just how do you milk a goat (properly) in a family homestead environment? A quick “how to” from the folks at Blue Rock Station – a sustainable homestead where Annie & Jay Warmke live in the Earthship they built, trying to demonstrate how to live lightly on the earth.

23 thoughts on “Milking Goats by Hand – How-To at Blue Rock Station Green Living Center”

  1. Thanks for sharing this video with us. Does teat size make a difference to you? I am wondering if it’s a lot harder if the girl has smaller teats to milk? The second goat, was that Eleanor? Anyway her teats looked smaller than the white goat. Does it make a difference to you? Is it more difficult to milk?

  2. onetweetygirl71

    wow, never would have thought that. i wonder why? well, i guess i will have to figure out something else. do you know if Michigan can sell it? i am right on the border and it wouldnt take much to zoom over there. thank you very much for the info.

  3. bluerockstation

    @onetweetygirl71 Thanks for your comments. It is illegal to sell goat milk in Ohio so you’ll have to find another source of protein for your family. Annie

  4. onetweetygirl71

    thank you so much for this video. My hubby & i have been wanting goats for a very long time. once we get a nice place with some land we want a few goats. do you know anywhere in the Toledo and serounding areas were i can buy goats milk. i make soap & want to use it in all my soaps as well as want to give it to my girls. they also have a problem with cows milk & i have been told goats milk is as close to human milk as you can get. dont know for sure, but that is what i have heard. thanks.

  5. thank you!! Your’s is the best by far on milking…very informative…I will be getting a few does in the near future…neather of my grandchildren digest cow’s milk..they lack the protien, my grandson actually breaks out in rashes–from cow’s milk BUT he can drink goats milk, and loves it. Goats milk is VERY expensive down here…5-8.00 a gallon…and we go thru it pretty fast in our house…Good video!!

  6. Thank you very much for sharing this. I’m new to the whole thing (still after a year) but finally I have two girls ready to pop any day now! Am really excited and quite anxious. 🙂

  7. thanks for this video .i have never milked a goat before but we just got a prego mini and she just had a baby

  8. That is a nice milking stand – I like the keyhole design for the goats head. Is the stand home made – some dimensions would be great.

  9. Where is this Blue Ridge Living Center? I’d like to visit your center and milk your goats. If you have a large number of goats I’d like to work at the center milking your goats. You don’t have to pay me any thing.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful information. The video was quite informative and a good lesson for my husband and myself. We’re excitedly anticipating the purchase of our first milking goats and we’ve been researching things like this for a while but your video has been one of the better ones we’ve seen, that’s for sure!

  11. What wonderful animal husbandry skills you have, your charges seem very content and happy, your goat’s milk must be delicious. Do you ever make cheese, yogurt, butter, soap, etc. from your milk?

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