Isnt Green an Army or Marine Color of their clothing? Obama dont like these guys or what?

Last time i saw US military they wore green disguise clothing. Is that why Obama dont want any worn because he doenst like the Military and hasnt event taken ROTC in college???

10 thoughts on “Isnt Green an Army or Marine Color of their clothing? Obama dont like these guys or what?”

  1. it’s the right wing come out to play go to your world map and look for the border of Iraq and Pakistani that’s what McCain wants to make secure I’m hoping he didn’t learn that in college

  2. Secular Humanist

    The people who scare me the most are the ones who ask incoherent questions and make clueless statements.

    Senator Obama is a highly intelligent person with a law degree and a high aptitude for learning! It is o.k. not to know everything if you are willing to acquire the necessary knowledge in a reasonable amount of time. One doesn’t need to be a member of the military to appreciate the contributions our armed forces have made in Iraq and all over the world.
    As a matter of fact, your question is actually a statement of your own limited understanding of our military and why a candidate for president would want to inform himself first hand about the military situation in a war zone!

  3. trigunmarksman

    haha, shows how stupid some of the people who replied to this. The new army issue color is not even green. It is a digital camo that looks like beige. He did not want to be associated with Hamas which is their color, and more importantly green is often associated with Muslims including muhammad. The crescent is often portrayed with green.

  4. yeeeeep flem, he prolly dont like none of them there soldier types… thats why he gotsa IQ of 60 like you! *spits in spatoon

    haha seriously though dude, wth??

  5. Well for one that makes no sense and for two the color of their uniform right now is not actually a green because look where they are a sandbox.

  6. No, the official reason is that Green is the colour of Hamas, and he got enough flack after getting an endorsement from them. He simply does not want to repeat that.

  7. Of course Obama doesn’t like us. It’s camouflage, by the way. He only went overseas to pretend like he’d seen something…and to make us nauseous. The vast majority of the military won’t vote for a coward who will withdraw. We want to stay and finish the job.

    Right now we are wearing lots of brown and tan, because we’re in the desert.

    ROTC doesn’t mean anything until you’re commissioned, and even then it doesn’t, because all Second Lieutenants are still Second Lieutenants. Before then, it’s no more than being a Boy Scout. I mean no offense to any cadets/Scouts out there.

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