can a person get a green card when living in mexico but in the past was in jail?

My boyfriend for 6 years lives in mexico he was deported 5 years ago when relesed from jail..he was in jail for drug charges can he get a green card if we get married?

6 thoughts on “can a person get a green card when living in mexico but in the past was in jail?”

  1. It depends…after he was deported he was given a certain number of years where he can’t enter the US. You have to find out how long it was, also how long was he in jail? I would say you will face an uphill battle, as he was likely banned for at least 10 years if he did jailtime.

    However, if you love him, you could easily marry him and live in Mexico

  2. If he was in jail on drug charges he is most likely banned for life. You could always move to Mexico to be with him!

  3. No. He also knows what type of ban he was given when he was deported, so if he has not told you–my guess would be he is trying to use you to obtain re-entry into the U.S. He was given either a 10 year ban or a life ban. He will never be able to marry you (or any one else) and enter the U.S. legally.
    You also do not tell us what type of drug charges–how much time he spent in jail and was he already in this country on a green card or was he illegal.

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