TOM JONES – Green Green Grass Of Home

Tom Jones – “Green Green Grass Of Home”

25 thoughts on “TOM JONES – Green Green Grass Of Home”

  1. One of the greatest voices in popular music ever. Although this was I believe originally an American country song, it is and will always be associated with Wales for those of us from that beautiful country of big hearted people, especially when returning home.

  2. @dododaddy1967 but somehow you did make it back to see the green, green grass of home..many of those young men didn’t and many of the ones that did found out the grass here at home was not as green as they thought, there were no welcome home parties, someone forgot to tell everyone that we were back..the men didn’t cheer, the boys didn’t shout, and the ladies well they all forgot to turn out…

  3. Nagyon jó, nagyon szép ez a szám, de nekem Dávid Sándor előadásában jobban tetszik, magyarul !!!

  4. Some how this song reminds me of my time in Veitnam with the 174th Helicopter Company ( July 1967 to July 1968 ) Yes, the green, green grass of home was so far away…

  5. i always remember my tatay he really love this song …

    my tears cant stop falling everytime i hear this song

  6. @iloveyouhunny
    When asked if entertaining was wearing him out, TJ answered:
    “When you’ved climbed up and down a ladder with 20 pounds of bricks on your back, during 8 hours a day, for 6 days a week – like I once did – then entertaining is a breeze.”

  7. @lovemydogsmucho he is dreaming of what life was like before he was incarcerated in jail on death row

  8. This man’s voice is so powerful. I’m 39 and grew up listening to this beautiful voice. Not too many singers can have this much power in a lifetime. KUDOS Tom Jones!!!!

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