solar energy??

what are some exaples of it? i know one is calculators. anything else?

what makes it better than the other types of energy?

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  1. 1. Water heaters are the second best example.
    2. General domestic electricity for houses and flats.
    3. Village/City electrification–There are solar parks in germany, united states of america and other places.
    4. Car batteries
    5. I saw, one iPod solar charger as well in some website.
    6. Wrist Watches, Pen holders, calculators.
    7. Street lights.
    8. Traffic signals third best example.

  2. almost every type of energy we use is originally from the sun, however, direct use of the sun a power source is very common in zones which are sunny, to heat water, produce electricity and some other uses.
    producing electricity from the sun is a technology which is based on photovoltaic cells, this technology is gradually improving in installation costs and efficiency, but the main obstacle is the fact that there is sun shine only during the day, and not even that in cloudy days, which makes it an unstable source, and requires expensive energy storage means.

  3. Solar Energy can be used in

    Biomass (wood, biofuel)
    Electricity generation (photovoltaics, heat engines)
    Evaporation (clothes drying, desalination, food preservation)
    Heat (hot water, building heat, cooking)
    Lighting (daylighting, hybrid lighting, daylight saving time)
    Transportation (solar car, solar plane, solar boat)

    What makes it better is that it is:

    safe to use
    still have power when other’s don’t
    increase in value (house)

  4. Solar panels for:

    1. Water heaters
    2. Charge electric car batteries
    3. Charge a bank of batteries for residential use (For any household electrical load)

    There are pros and cons
    Pros are that is renewable energy
    Cons: High initial expenses

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