can you apply for a green card while living illegally in the United States, but with family that is legal?

i no gettting a green card is the first step to becoming a citizen. my family are all citizens but my visa expired but im afraid if i apply they will deport me for being here illegally.

14 thoughts on “can you apply for a green card while living illegally in the United States, but with family that is legal?”

  1. No. You are here illegally and if you are an adult you will be required to return to your country and apply to return to the country as a legal immigrant.

    Having legal relatives does not make you legal.

  2. What I know is if you are married to a US citizen you can get a green card (faster if you enter the country legally) if you apply, or even if it’s your fiance; if you are married to a permanent resident it can take up to 5 years to get a green card and sometimes they will tell you to go back to your country of origin and apply there (it’s a long process) everything depends of the person who will do your interview and your lawyer (get a good one, they are expensive, but if you want to stay here it’s worth it).
    If you are a minor and at least one of your parents is a citizen, you will get a green card for sure (but you can’t get married until you get it, the process can take from 6 months up to a year ) if your parents are resident it takes longer; if any sibling is citizen the process is even longer, any other relative like a cousin or an aunt CAN’T sponsor you, you can get more information from a immigration lawyer, talk to one about your case and ask what can you do, good luck.

  3. You can’t adjust to permanent resident if your status in the US has expired. The best thing you can do is return to your home country and have your family file a petition to get you a green card. The longer you stay here illegally, the harder it will be. Also, depending how long you’ve been out of status, you may also need a waiver.

  4. Yes, they can, and there is a good chance they might, deport you if you have overstayed your visa. You really should have thought about applying for the green card before your visa expired. Can you get the visa extended to buy you more time?

  5. Yeah,i know several people that have gone through this process and its even better if your in school it also depends the year you apply for your green card, email maria at if you need additional help

  6. my mom did that
    plus when she forgot it last week when coming back from mexico as a vacation trip she was almost sent back to mexico but instead she had to pay a huge fine

  7. well if your family has citizens in it, ask one of them to sponsor you and apply for the green card, have a steady job, and a good lawyer

  8. not for long

    they won’t depot you, but use your arms for slave labour. who else will pick that ocra?

  9. You know I would direct you to an immigration office. Well, maybe not personally because you don’t want to chance deportation so send a family member.

    I would imagine that you can get an extension on your visa or some sort of temporary status. It’s more expensive to deport someone than it is to help them out a bit. I’m sure you’ve been here for awhile so what the hell.

    Though I am all for immigration reform, meaning that I believe that anyone here illegal should leave quickly. However, I commend you on putting the effort into obtaining citizenship. With that said, you want to be a United States citizens, therefor you want to be an American so I hope they allow you the chance to stay.

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