Can I extend my conditional green card if not living with my husband?

This is a serious question:

We have a real marriage with a kid, and we love each other but we are not living together because my husband has serious snoring problems and I can’t sleep in the same house where he sleeps.

Can I still extend my conditional greencard?

4 thoughts on “Can I extend my conditional green card if not living with my husband?”

  1. I am not sure about extending the greencard but you should have your husband checked for medical conditions because of the snoring. If it is so loud that you can sleep in the same house, he may have a serious problem and needs medical attention.

  2. Give me a break, you love each other!

    Tell that to the judge, not to us out here. We are a little smarter and wiser than that. You got married to stay in the country, and now it is time to renew your card. Find the guy you married, pay him a $100 bucks, and hold his hand while you fill out the forms.

    No one really cares if your marriage is real or not, or comes with a kid! By the way, a kid is a baby goat.

  3. what! so why not sleep in the house but in a diffrent room. it cant be that bad. and yes you can.

  4. You need to speak with your lawyer but I believe no, that is not a good enough reason. The only way I believe the green card and all can be validated or extended without being together or married still is if HE was unfaithful and cheated or was abusive and there is documentation form the divorce judge.

    Snoring is not a valid issue, you both need to work on your marriage, I find it silly that you can not even be in the same house. Get ear plugs or something or get him to the doctor. The immigration officers will look at that as think you do not honestly love each other enough and are not committed enough to make it work through thick and thick, in sickness and health. Immigration takes those vows very seriously. Your story here reaks of a sham/scam marriage and immigration will smell it too.

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