Can I extend my conditional green card if not living with my husband?

This is a serious question:

We have a real marriage with a kid, and we love each other but we are not living together because my husband has serious snoring problems and I can’t sleep in the same house where he sleeps.

Can I still extend my conditional greencard?

2 thoughts on “Can I extend my conditional green card if not living with my husband?”

  1. I also have a real husband with a really bad snoring problem. It is so bad neighbors have commented on the issue. I would never consider living in separate houses because of it. I question your motives to do so. If you loved your husband as much as you do your green-card you would invest in a noise maker and some good ear plugs.

  2. It isn’t going to look good on your part. In a real marriage,a husband and a wife live in the same house no matter what the issue. Snoring problems are a lame reason for not living with your husband. Immigration might consider it fraud.

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