Solar energy…?

My house requires "82 cells" for adequate power. What is a cell…is that one of those big panels or does a panel come in a given number of "cells"?

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    A cell is one of the small dark squares that are arrayed in a large panel, in your case you have 82. The cells are connected to give the voltage that goes to your "charge panel" from there the energy is stored in your "battery" when you need electricity the "inverter" gets DC from the battery and inverts it into the AC you use.

  2. The solar cells, which are used to collect energy from the sun, are what the solar panels are made out of. A collection of solar cells are put together to make a panel. As far as I know, you can have a panel be any size you need. Make sure you ask the company installing the panels about the solar battery for your set up. Some batteries hold more energy than others. Good luck.

  3. different solar cells produce different amounts of power! What you need to know is your power usage in watts and amperage to make an informed decision!

  4. That you know exactly how many cells are required…tells me you’ve done a lot of research.

    Can you imagine 82 GIANT panels on a house…?

    Thats 82 small squares that make up a panel.

    the good news is…most companies that configure your panel will match it to the roof of your house or wherever it is that you can best receive sunlight.

    It takes some work…and some capitol…but it’s well worth the investment…If 82 "cells" is an expensive proposition…ask about using less cells and perhaps a better storage vehicle or battery.

    good luck

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