The Difference Between Organic Hemp and Bamboo Clothing #38 – Today, I have an interview with Heather Baker who owns an organic clothing shop and also speaks on the benefits of organic materials…

21 thoughts on “The Difference Between Organic Hemp and Bamboo Clothing #38”

  1. is what i am wearing organic? why yes! i have organic bedding and i am curls up in my sheet from that set! lol! but everything else i own is from Cato’s or Walmart sooo it’s prolly not organic or safe o_o

  2. Listen to michael Tsarion on the youtube. he is the worlds premier conspiracy rersearcher/author/lecturer. Leo Zagami is also a sincere and intelligent lecturer. I also want to recommend some holistic music groups—-Ozric Tentacles, Melting Euphoria, Gong, Mother Gong, Magma, Aphrodities Child, Jade Warrior, Steve Tibbetts, Kazumi Watanabe, Oregon, Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance.

  3. In non-organic clothing, if I avoid dark dyes, am instead getting more BLEACH? Which is worse?????

  4. The world needs to rediscover hemp. At one time it was used for all manner of things, but things got mixed up when the THC version started to become, er, popular …

  5. Also, hemp contains silica which has many benefits, look it up, thanks Kevin, great, as always
    I have two organic hemp and one organic cotton underwear and wow!

  6. Yes organic cotton t-shirts always. Organic cotton hoodie, and non-organic shorts…no underwear. I don’t usually wear underwear, especially in the summer.

  7. i am so happy to see you talk about this, and she is correct about starting with undies and sheets and towels when going organic… they are more comfy!

  8. The same goes for a woman’s pubic region especially her vagina being absorbent. A woman automatically begins absorbing a man essence the moment he penetrates her and she really absorbs a lot of his essence after ejaculation.

  9. What she is saying about a man’s pubic area being 12X more absorbent than any other area of his body makes perfect sense. The Taoists have long know this and their tantric practices utilizes that principle to partake of a female essence during intercourse which imbues the man with greater chi and vitality.

  10. i never understood why you would dye your undies, even if your partner sees them whats the point?

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