Can you give me information on solar energy?

I would love to use some solar energy in my home. What can you tell me about how much it costs to begin? Is there some sort of federal tax credit? What all do I need to buy (panels, batteries, etc)? Can a homeowner do the installation or must it be done by a professional? Would also appreciate any websites for retailers of solar energy items. Thank you very much for any information.

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  1. Question Mark

    First, I reported the scumbag who gave the only reply so far, and I hope you did, too.

    I’d also like to use solar energy, and I can only add what little I’ve learned so far. I’ve read several articles which suggest that a homeowner *can* do a lot of installations of solar equipment, but I’m afraid I can’t give you any details. One website I’ve seen for years, now, is . At that site, they give both information and retail links (if not direct sales).

    And yes, I have seen mentions of Federal tax credits for the use of some of these products — though again I can’t give you any details.

    I just did a search for some more web retailers that carry solar equipment. Here goes…

    The Alternative Energy Store
    IDT Energy Store

    I also discovered what looks like another good information source: You can probably get lots of answers there.

    Good luck, and glad to see the interest in renewable energy.

  2. When I was gainfully employed, prior to experiencing the bliss of retirement, I worked for a hardware store that marketed a solar energy system for single family residences.

    The cost profile (this stuff is expensive) suggested that, if you planned to live in your home for 19 years post-installation, you would amortize the cost.

    There were federal and California state tax credits available at the time, as well as a rebate from Pacific Gas and Electric (primary utility provider in No. Calif.) which produced a net cost near $20K.

    You need to determine if your local power company is obligated to buy back surplus power from your solar system first. If they are not legally required to do so, that will make amortization more difficult.

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