Technology of Victory: From Tanks to Tractors

There’s a tank behind every tractor a bomb behind every energy breakthrough. Sixty-five years after the Allied forces victory over the Axis, we live in a high-tech world made possible by amazing wartime innovations. This month RT’s Technology Update looks at how the ingenuity of the World War II era saved lives then, and continues to shape lives today.

25 thoughts on “Technology of Victory: From Tanks to Tractors”

  1. @ThisBoyTV

    No, thanks. I’m not gonna travel to Russia in order to find out what propaganda is like
    I am sure you folks enjoy it there

  2. @Valdris1987
    20% of all the money on the planet is spent on military programs.

  3. @XBionic1955
    Traveling to other countries and find out for yourself and determine which is propaganda. Sure hope u do not believe everything on CNN, FOX, etc as realistic.

  4. TheNonConformative

    @XBionic1955 They just released a5th Gen FIghter which is superiour to your F22.
    US Fanboys have nothing to offer on youtube.

  5. @XBionic1955

    Ofcourse its given the job, because US cant get there on their own. And fuel only will not hep here, US have to beg Russia to deliver americans to space. And to be able to send cargo to space US have to buy Russian engines. Unfortunately for you US very far from Russia in space tech.

  6. @XBionic1955
    It’s frightening that you discard another countries intelligence and innovation so easily.

  7. @ThisBoyTV

    The country that gives the US rides to the space is the country which is given the job to do that. That’s the country which has nothing else to offer but fuel.

  8. @XBionic1955
    “nothing to offer..”
    Which country is giving the US rides to the Space Station?

  9. @zero87mx China is not the greatest economy in the world. Majority of that comes from the US so if america cut ties with china we can take that down faster than it took for it build
    USA is winning in Iraq and Afghanistan. really? do want us to lose? because if we lose iran is next
    911 was NOT an inside job. dude its not even cool to talk shit about few thousand people that died on that day
    but everyone around the world knows that the US empire is being destroyed
    i know it is and its for the..

  10. iphone ipod MAC Windows google youtube Microsoft Apple anything with a touch screen
    all american i know u russians have 1
    so America still wins

  11. @TheNonConformative Hitler’s invasion was done cause he needed the oil since the battle for Britian was taking longer than he thought, and besides it was an alliance built on sand it was only a matter of time before he would turn on the USSR.

  12. @XBionic1955 yeah yeah, China is not the greatest economy in the world, USA is winning in Iraq and Afghanistan and 911 was NOT an inside job…

    Only US citizens believe those lies, but everyone around the world knows that the US empire is being destroyed

  13. All high technologies come from the US, Russia still has nothing to offer

  14. Now many models of japanese tractors comes with Atom processor (cpu) and computers equipped.

  15. TheNonConformative

    @TsarSamuil “Exterminated”….I lol @you.

    It was russia who starved the Ucraine in order to get the money needed for the funding of an army, in order to “revolutionize the west from the outside”. 7mio dead for the commie wet-dream.
    It was soviet russia that preparded for invasion, Hitlers strike was a pre-emptive one- directly into the heart of worlds largest invasion army ever built.

  16. @TheNonConformative if the war had been lost, the Russians would have been exterminated, so yes, it was a victory, u fucking dumbass.

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