Can you give me information on solar energy?

I would love to use some solar energy in my home. What can you tell me about how much it costs to begin? Is there some sort of federal tax credit? What all do I need to buy (panels, batteries, etc)? Can a homeowner do the installation or must it be done by a professional? Would also appreciate any websites for retailers of solar energy items. Thank you very much for any information.

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  1. Passive solar heating is free.
    Open the drapes and let in the sunlight to warm the room. If you want to keep it cool, close the drapes.
    Active solar collecting involves moving the heated material.
    Solar collectors may warm air and blow warm air into the room, or warm water and have the warm water available for heating or warm water.
    There are government tax credits for installing solar collectors.
    Solar collectors can also be the type that are photoelectric and change the light into electricity.

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