clothing colours to suit black hair, pale skin & green eyes? (10 points)?

My hair is very dark, my skin is very pale and I have deep green eyes, what kind of colours would suit me? clothing & make-up wise 🙂


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  1. Exactly like me! I’ts not my favourite colour but red tops look really good on us dark haired, pale, green eyed girlies! Brightens our face i guess. As for make-up, keep it simple. Naturally natural is the way to go! A little pink to rosy-up your cheeks and some mascara!

  2. pick colors that stand out like neon colors i have to say a hot pink
    neon green neon blue oh and a kinda darkish purple

    colors that stand out will look great with u

  3. I think as far as "coloring" goes, you would be a winter– so colors that are dark or "cool" would look nice on you (reds, navys greens, blues). Also– shades of green-light and dark will go well with your eyes. Bright blues would look nice as well as any shades of pink. I would definitely steer clear of creams, pale yellows, black, and orange colors, as they would most likely wash you out. As far as make up goes, I would keep it neutral for the most part. With your pale skin, too much make up could look really intense. I would use a light peach blush or a light bronzer for blush on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the outer edges of your forehead for a subtle bit of color. I wouldn’t do a red or bright lip stick- stick with a neutral beigey-pink color (not too pink). Since your eyes are green, I would really play them up. Since the rest of your face is neutral, you go glam or light with the eyes. Use a eyeshadow that is ivory in color over the whole lid. Then use either a thin line of black eye liner or brown/black. Next, put some some eyeshadow that is a bit darker- dark green, brown, gray/brown dark purple- whatever you choose- on the end of a Q-tip, and go over your eyeliner on the top lid, making a smokey eye effect. Depending on the shape of your eyes, a little of the darker shadow in the crease of your eye looks nice as well. Top it off with some black or brown/black mascara.

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