CBC news story about SolarBeam Concentrator

SolarBeam is installed a the government building in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada to provide solar hot water for the facilities heating system. When the sun is shining, the SolarBeam provides free solar hot water from morning to evening because it can track the sun throughout the day. There is no issue with snow collecting on the SolarBeam because when the system starts tracking the snow starts sliding off. The snow shown on the SolarBeam right now used to be almost a foot deep in the morning. The SolarBeam’s parabolic dish has a black backing, so as the sun reflects on its surface, it gets heated and slides off. The system provides an average of 10kW of thermal heat per hour. The SolarBeam is sold through distributors around the world and can be used in any application that uses hot water. For example: fire stations, schools, hospitals, beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, wineries, government buildings etc. The SolarBeam can be installed in the ground or on a concrete flat roof. The SolarBeam ‘s parabolic dish is 15 feet wide and the post is 8 feet tall. It uses anodized aluminum as its reflective material, not glass. This makes it very safe to use in residential and commercial applications. For more information about the SolarBeam, check out the website at: www.solartronenergy.com

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